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   Community Reentry

Preparing offenders for successful transition back to their families and reentry to the community is the focus of the Board's community reentry division. Successful reentry can increase public safety, improve the health of the community, sustain families, improve the welfare of children and lower costly criminal justice expenses.

That’s why reentry into the community is so important. The PBPP has made considerable investments in its state reentry system through the training of agents to more effectively work with offenders, the development of community relationships with organizations that can help offenders to succeed, and the improvement of its reentry processes.

The DOC and PBPP begin the reentry process upon an offender's admission to prison. Then prior to a parole interview, the PBPP actively works with offenders to prepare for the parole interview and to develop a reentry plan. If paroled, the field parole agent will assist offenders through problem solving case management to help them be successful and monitor compliance with conditions of parole. This balance in supervision is important to improving parole outcomes.

Listed below are detailed explanations of the four key parts of Pennsylvania's reentry system.

Reentry Planning
Release Prep
Keeping Offenders on Track
Parole Violations