County Adult Probation and

Parole Reports (CAPP)

Sixty-five of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania operate county adult probation and parole departments. The Board provides all adult probation and parole services in Mercer and Venango Counties. Grant-In-Aid has been provided to participating counties since fiscal year 1966-1967, and since 1989, all 65 counties with adult probation departments have participated in the Grant-In-Aid Program.

The objectives of the Board’s Grant-In-Aid Program are to:

• Maintain, improve and expand county adult probation and parole personnel and program services
• Provide protection to the public through effective community correctional services to all county adult offenders who are not in need of correctional confinement, and;
• Provide training to county adult probation and parole personnel.

The information contained in this section of the website is a compilation of the statistical reports, programs, services and contact information for the 65 county adult probation departments.

2013 CAPP Report

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